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The Trip from Heck: Part 2–Woes of the Wandering bags

You know a problem is common when a routine is invented to deal with it. You know it’s endemic when companies are formed just to solve it. When my sister’s bag got lost on the way to Mexico, we learned … Continue reading

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Snow biz for travelers

You know how they say that adversity builds character? Naturally you know¬†what you need the character for: handling more adversity. Here in New England we’ve been undergoing some major character-building in the past two-three weeks, with snowstorms of all sorts … Continue reading

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Make your next trip a road trip

Planes will get you there faster, always barring those proliferating delays. Trains will get you from Point A to Point B without your having to think about it. But for thoroughly enjoying your entire journey, my vote goes to road … Continue reading

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