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Ten signs it’s finally spring in New England (Travelers’ edition)

Yep, and I do mean finally spring. We get a lot of faux springs here in the Northeast. You know, the kind that gives you three uninterrupted balmy days and persuades you to put away all your woolies just before … Continue reading

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Boston’s snow record: Enough yet?

Here’s an update for my dear readers. You know how I said no adversity builds character like snow adversity? (Well, something like that.) Well, Boston has now officially busted the record. Although the snowfall in the metro area this past … Continue reading

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Snow biz for travelers

You know how they say that adversity builds character? Naturally you know what you need the character for: handling more adversity. Here in New England we’ve been undergoing some major character-building in the past two-three weeks, with snowstorms of all sorts … Continue reading

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Six reasons for travels with my uncle: Photo essay

The last time my uncle was about to visit me and I told friends he’d be with me for nearly two weeks, their first impulse was to offer sympathy. They couldn’t have been more mistaken! I’ve now traveled twice with … Continue reading

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Traveling alone: A reflection

Traveling alone can be a scary proposition for a gal. Maybe it is for some guys too, sometimes and in some places — say, walking solo through Afghanistan in 2002 – but I think it is more routinely scary for … Continue reading

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