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Blog flash: Scientific proof that travel makes you more creative

The word is now in, and it sounds definitive: travel not only broadens you; it can make you more creative. The word comes from a recent article in The Atlantic, summarizing research by an international team of scholars, including Prof. Adam … Continue reading

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Traveling alone: A reflection

Traveling alone can be a scary proposition for a gal. Maybe it is for some guys too, sometimes and in some places — say, walking solo through Afghanistan in 2002 – but I think it is more routinely scary for … Continue reading

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Asian business cards: Giving and living

If you’ve ever been to China or Japan, you’ve probably noticed the speed with which everyone, upon first introduction, whips out a business card to exchange with the other person. I’ve always marveled at the sleight of hand involved, because people somehow … Continue reading

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Gals who travel and tell all: A review

Maybe not all; I don’t know just how much they left out. But if you hanker for the personal along with the travelogue, you wouldn’t be disappointed by either Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love or Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. Since both of those books were … Continue reading

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