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Under Reconstruction: Begging Your Patience

For all my dear readers, I wanted to explain the prolonged silence. It’s not just that I’ve been gardening (though I have), but I’ve also been taking an intensive course in advanced WordPress (aka, the stuff that runs this blog), … Continue reading

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Ten signs it’s finally spring in New England (Travelers’ edition)

Yep, and I do mean finally spring. We get a lot of faux springs here in the Northeast. You know, the kind that gives you three uninterrupted balmy days and persuades you to put away all your woolies just before … Continue reading

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The Trip from Heck: Part 2–Woes of the Wandering bags

You know a problem is common when a routine is invented to deal with it. You know it’s endemic when companies are formed just to solve it. When my sister’s bag got lost on the way to Mexico, we learned … Continue reading

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Blog flash: Scientific proof that travel makes you more creative

The word is now in, and it sounds definitive: travel not only broadens you; it can make you more creative. The word comes from a recent article in┬áThe Atlantic, summarizing research by an international team of scholars, including Prof. Adam … Continue reading

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The Trip from Heck: Part 1

Traveling Gal hasn’t been so good lately about keeping up with that New Year’s resolution about more frequent posting, but dear readers, you are about to start getting a lot more. I’ve been traveling, and there’s so much to tell … Continue reading

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