Under Reconstruction: Begging Your Patience

For all my dear readers, I wanted to explain the prolonged silence. It’s not just that I’ve been gardening (though I have), but I’ve also been taking an intensive course in advanced WordPress (aka, the stuff that runs this blog), so that I can do a better job of design and management on the site.

So stay tuned: soon, I will be able to upgrade the site to include a subscription function so you can get automatic notices on your choice of medium (e-mail, Facebook, intergalactic hydraulic message capsule, whatever), see some well-arranged photo galleries, and enjoy all kinds of other bells and whistles. Who knows? It might even look prettier.

Also look forward to posts on:

  • Gal gets a Garmin
  • Interview with a gal who flew for the Air Force and now flies an aerobatic plan
  • Photo essay on Austin, Texas
  • Reviews of several books (done severally) covering Borneo, Zambia, and intrepid women travelers in the US, ca.┬álate 19th/early 20th century

If you’d like to be added to the e-mail subscriptions when I get that function set up, you can post a reply to this page. I’ll be able to see your e-mail address on the back end, but it won’t be visible to any other visitors here.


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